How It Works

Why Treatment Helps Your Case

Creates documentation to show change and growth
Boosts your self esteem
Connects the dots between your choices and consequences
Teaches you to own your problems
Helps your impulse control
Helps you recognize the progression of addiction

What is Treatment?

Where Do I get Treatment?

Browse our Nationwide Treatment Center Directory
Find a Treatment Placement Specialist
Get a Substance Use or Mental Health Assessment to find the right path
Contact your local support group hotline
Ask your Employee Assistance Program
Ask your Pastor

Why an Attorney Helps Your Case

Getting a Good Attorney and Seeking Treatment Avoids This Picture of Regret

You put yourself in a position to get in legal jeopardy?
Who put you in this position? You did!
It will take a good criminal defense attorney to get you out of it!
Seek treatment, Get a Legal Expert
Browse our Drunk Driving Attorney Directory!
Find the legal help you need!
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Why Get an Attorney?

Why Use to find a Criminal Defense Attorney?

This is what success looks like when finding the right attorney/treatment center for you!